Applications Of UPVC


PVC's intrinsic properties make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is biologically and chemically resistant, making it the plastic of choice for most household sewerage pipes and other pipe applications where corrosion would limit the use of metal.

With the addition of impact modifiers and stabilizers, it becomes a popular material for window and door frames. By adding plasticizers, it can become flexible enough to be used in cabling applications as a wire insulator.


  • Water Mains & Potable Water Services
  • Cold Water Plumbing Services
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Tubewell  Casing and strainer
  • Telecommunication
  •  Fire Ring Mains
  • Drainage Installations-Domestic & Industrial
  • Factory Supply Lines
  •  Effluent lines
  •  Corrosive Fluid Pipe Lines- Dyehouses, Chrome & Zinc Plating Plant, etc.
  •   Chemical Plant Installations
  • Non-Explosive Dry Materials Handlings- Sand, Cement, Rock Salt Plastics Compounds.
  •  Pulverized Fuel Ash (DFA) Lines
  • Brine lines- Tanning Plant, Ice Rinks
  • Livestock whey Feed Pipes
  •  Paper Mill Installation-Alum & Pulp Carrying
  • Brewery Pipeline Installation
  • Coal Washing Plant
  •  Power Station Screening Plant Pipelines.
  • Power Station Chlorination Plant
  • Fume Extraction Ducts Chilled Waterlines for Refrigeration and Air conditioning Plant
  • Salt water Pipes for small boat engines Cooling and Ballast Tanks
  •  Water Aeration Plant
  • Emergency Repairs to damaged pipe lines in all materials
  • Horticulture and greenhouse Irrigation System
  • Irrigation for golf courses and sports grounds
  • Down Pipes for large rain water systems & Farm Buildings, Foot ball stands, etc. Storm Water Culverts
  • Surface Water Drainage
  • Ducting for power and communication cables for crossing rivers. Estuaries, Roads, Rallies , Bridges, etc.
  • Irrigation Farm and range irrigation-system and sprinkler system.